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Last Updated:
Tuesday February 07, 2017

Richards has been our consultant since the inception of Westmark Enterprises, Inc. twenty-two years ago, and for several years before that. Larry’s organization set up our accounting systems in the beginning stages of our business. He has been instrumental in the conversion of those systems to our computerized accounting program over the last several years, and helped us with Westmark’s buy and sell agreements. Larry has also advised us in tax matters and other business related ventures.

Westmark has been very pleased with Larry’s work over the last thirty years and we appreciate his vast knowledge of accounting and business. It is this knowledge and experience that has helped us grow and progress substantially. Westmark is very pleased and comfortable having Larry as our CPA and we look forward to him meeting the  challenges that the future will hold.

Roger Peterson
President, Westmark Enterprises, Inc.
Manufacturers Rep for the Plumbing Industry


The most striking aspect about Larry Richards is the humanness he has shown to me. He treats me as a friend and he truly cares about my wife and me.

We are just beginning business and Larry, with very good reasons, advised us that the form of entity best suited for our business is an S corporation and not an LLC. He proceeded to prepare the documents for us to submit to the Secretary of State of California in order to convert the LLC to a Domestic Corporation. His next step is to apply for subchapter S status for the corporation. He is taking care of all remaining documentation for the formation of our corporation.

We are thankful to have found an individual with the personal, business, and technical skills we can trust to help us grow our business.

Ronald L. Beauman
President, Executive Systems Resources Inc.
Computer Consultant


I met Larry a couple of years ago when I was contemplating the purchase of a healthy fast food restaurant called California Roasters, Inc.  Larry was instrumental in helping my partners and I confirm the value of that purchase, beyond that Mr. Richards provided us with a great deal of helpful  suggestions and consulting.  Consequently I employed Larry to help me restructure my other corporation, Rick Schaff Productions, Inc. Today, I have full faith in Larry's experience and professionalism to guide me in all my business decisions ... and as a result I've noticed I sleep much better at night.


Rick Schaff
President California Roasters, Inc
President Rick Schaff Productions, Inc.
Professional Photography; Health and Nutrition

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The reason Orange Bang has had a relationship with Larry Richards for over 25 years is because he is a personable individual, is easy to get long with, and has a comprehensive technical knowledge and a practical understanding of how business works.

As an example, in the early years of our relationship, Larry devised a simplified bookkeeping system that we have used until the computer age. Since then we have even retained his original simple control systems.

When we were setting up a computerized but complex inventory system, Larry patiently guided us over a period of years to understand certain of the intricacies of the system.

David Fox,
President, Orange Bang, Inc.
Soft Drink Manufacturer


About 10 years ago when we became dissatisfied with our large regional accounting firm, our attorney recommended we try Lawrence Richards, CPA. We have never looked back.

Larry has become adept at converting our accrual basis books to the cash basis for tax return purposes. In addition, he provides us with annual depreciation figures, which provide some simplification for our year end preparation.

Over the years Larry has given us answers and recommendations to a variety of technical tax and business questions. What we like about working with Larry is that in one person he is the Tax, Accounting, and Consulting Department. And the best part is that he’s ‘one of the family’.

Hyo Gap Pang
Vice-President, American Overseas Air Freight, Inc.
Freight Forwarders


I have used the services of Larry Richards since 1976, when I first started my garment manufacturing business. Throughout the years I have sought his counsel regarding my bookkeeping system, to obtaining loans from the bank, to obtaining the property I run my business out of, and to obtaining a pension plan. Over the years his advice has been very helpful.

Harkirat Bhasin
President, Hari Casuals, Inc.
Garment Manufacturer, Women's Outerwear


Nineteen years ago Larry Richards advised me on incorporation, hired my first bookkeeper, trained her, and set up my accounting system. He hired and trained our present bookkeeper ten years ago, and she is first class.

Our accounting and office systems are running smoothly. The record keeping system and workpapers Larry developed for our use have worked so well that our bank holds our systems out as a model to others.

Formula Plastics has their injection molding machines in a plant in the United States and one in Mexico. The plant in Mexico operates under the Maquiladoras program, which Larry understands. Over the years I have asked Larry about tax laws pertaining to our employees in Mexico who have certain involvements in the United States for which I received accurate information. He understands the depreciation and sales tax rules for U.S. property in Mexico.

Over the years, as we have grown, Larry has kept pace with us and provided sensible advice to our business situations.  The pricing of his services has been reasonable relative to the expert value he provides.

Alex Mora
President, Formula Plastics, Inc.
Custom Plastics Injection Molder

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It hardly seems that Lawrence L. Richards has been our tax accountant and advisor for almost 30 years. An important reason our relationship has lasted so long, is because we are comfortable with him: we trust the advice he has given us, believe in his integrity and professionalism, and we know he has our best interests at heart.

In the first year of our relationship Larry successfully handled a difficult IRS audit carried over from a predecessor CPA. Just recently he handled another IRS audit involving some unusual circumstances. He was meticulous and thorough, which paid off in a ‘no-change’ result. Each year he carefully reviews our documentation, which gives us a secure feeling. We are grateful to have established such a high-level relationship with Larry and his firm.

Allan Capps
Musical arranger and writer

After several unsatisfactory experiences with other CPA's and business consultants, I turned to Larry Richards for a complete overhaul of my business's tax strategy, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation. Larry takes a very strategic approach geared towards realizing long-term business success for his clients, and this became evident as he personally reviewed our company records and identified potential areas of improvement and opportunities for overall tax reduction. The exacting detail with which he analyzed each element of the business gave me complete confidence that no stone was left unturned. Mr. Richards also streamlined communications with our legal team, established a new and improved payroll system, implemented an improved bookkeeping system, and mentored us on it's proper use. Our bookeeping and tax situation has never been easier or more effective.

Throughout the transformation of our business, Larry maintained a personal and caring attitude towards us and demonstrated a sincere desire to see us succeed. Thanks to Larry and his helpful staff, Sagewing Corporation now has an optimized, rock-solid, easy-to-maintain accounting and payroll system that provides with excellent organization and tax benefit. It's a comforting feeling to know that a trusted, reliable, and skilled CPA is on our side. I cannot thank Larry Richards enough for the excellent results he's provided for my company.

Dave Hecker
Sagewing Corporation
(800) TECH-TEAM | (800-832-4832)


Larry Richards is a vital resource to my firm’s financial well being and individual peace of mind.  During our first year of operation, Larry assisted us in putting the necessary financial records in place and organizing our bookkeeping.  As our business grows, we are working with Larry on converting our firm from an LLC to a subchapter S corporation as well as other important issues.  I would strongly recommend Larry’s services to any business owner who is serious about their financial well being.       

Patrick J. Burns, Jr., President
Beverly Hills Regulatory Consultants, Inc.

For a while, we have been in search for an accountant to help with our business start up. That all stopped when we met with Larry Richards. His dedication to us and our success, his personal approach, the professionalism he exhibits, and the genuine caring of us and our interests are all traits we have yet to see with any other CPA. His long history of solid experience can be seen with his strategic approaches and sound advice that he is well known for. He has helped us structure our company, set up our business accounting and bookkeeping, and set a great go-forward path and plan towards a successful venture. Words cannot effectively express the thankfulness we have in having Larry as our accountant, business advisor and mentor, and friend. We count ourselves very lucky in being able to find someone who is a very well established and respected CPA as well as very knowledgeable in business formations, operations, and risk mitigations. Larry has provided us with excellent advice and consulting and we are now more confident than ever that this business venture will succeed. Failure is not an option in Larry's world and he will do all in his power to ensure that we are always in the right path to never face that demise. We definitely look forward to a long and successful relationship with Larry.


Eric Cuaresma
President of Wicked Adrenaline, Inc.
Custom products for Extreme Sports

Larry Richards has been my tax adviser and has prepared and all my tax returns since 1978.  The hallmark of our relationship is that Larry has been a friend as well as a consummate professional at all times.  He listens, asks questions and understands my needs, and how they have changed over time.  Larry's services also are guided by his thorough and up to date knowledge of the tax law and regs and what the IRS is focusing on at any given time.  It's a winning combination.

As Larry knows, attorneys in solo practice are favorite audit targets of the IRS.  Accordingly, the accuracy and strength of my tax returns are especially importantly to me.  To Larry's great credit, I have been audited only once.  That audit lasted 10 minutes, at which time the auditor fully accepted and approved the return Larry had prepared.  Many of my colleagues tell harrowing stories of audits and ongoing tax disputes.  A lot of them do their own taxes.  Not me.  My one and only audit could not have gone better, and I have Larry Richards to thank for it.

As Larry will tell you, no professional can provide bullet-proof advice 100% of the time.  But I've gotten it from Larry, and I've gotten it when it counted most, fully justifying the faith I place in him personally and professionally.  And in case you're wondering, everyone I've referred to him over the years has thanked me for the introduction.

Richard D. Teitel
Attorney at Law

Bill and I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been dealing with you and your staff.  If we hadn't had several bad experiences, we really wouldn't be able to appreciate you as much as we do because we wouldn't know what an unusually competent organization we had found  Anyway, we appreciate everything that you have done, are doing, and will be doing!  From our first conversation with you, your questions were direct and to the point... we had never experienced such in depth questions regarding our business and felt instantly that you were going to be outstanding as our accountant.  I want to compliment you on the businesslike manner you had in stating what records you needed from us, an approximate range of your fee, and your contract... everything was up front and very well presented by your staff, Katy and Rachael.  In other words, you have a very happy client!

L. Jean Donnely,
Vice President & CFO
Infinitum, Inc.


Juice HeavenLarry Richards has been our CPA for almost three years. We were unhappy with the service of our previous CPA, and searched for a new CPA firm that was knowledgeable and gave good service. After extensive research, we found Larry's website. I contacted him, and after a brief discussion I immediately felt comfortable. As an accountant myself, it was important for me to find a CPA that has in depth knowledge of all the accounting rules, as well as new tax laws.

Larry filled all these criteria's. Moreover, Larry is very easy to talk to, and provides quality service.

Motty Mizrahi
Juice Heaven Franchise Corporation

We did the right thing when we asked Larry Richards to be our CPA in 2001, when he helped us successfully launch and then grow our nonprofit. Thanks!

Richards is an honest man. He’s easy to work with and he knows his stuff!

Michael R. Rhodes, Founder/CEO
Film Clips for Character Education




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